Funding + Investment

It's no secret that stable funding is one of the most challenging elements of working in culture and the arts. However, recent years have precipitated a shift in perceptions around funding, creating the perfect circumstances to move funding models from patronage and sponsorship to partnership and social investment. The resources below provide resources on how to frame your projects, potential partners, and current funding opportunities.

Make it Better

The Creative Tool Box is designed for self-directed learning and development, to assist you in growing your personal and professional skills as you see fit. It is a free and democratic resource that adapts as the creative landscape changes; the sections and links you see are just examples of what is possible.

We invite everyone to build upon this current structure, to make the Creative Tool Box a state-wide go-to for all artists and arts workers seeking development and for anyone considering a career in the arts. All ideas, feedback or content suggestions are warmly welcomed through the Make It Better contributors portal.